Disconnect From Your Ex Boyfriend Completely (No Social Media)

This is a tough one, only because so many people rely on social media in their every day lives. Week by week, it becomes a sort of addiction... and this particular addiction is actually hurting your chances of making your ex boyfriend miss, want, and need you again.

No Contact Social Media

You need to realize that even after he dumps you, your boyfriend wants to see what you're doing.

The easiest way to accomplish this? Social media. Since you probably didn't bother to unfriend or unfollow him, your ex can still see everything you're doing. He can see everyone you're hanging out with, and everywhere that you go.

Some girls think this is a good thing. They'll think: "Well, if he sees I'm not dating anyone else right now, he'll realize I'm still open to getting back together".

This isn't just false, but in fact the opposite is true. Because the more your ex sees that you're safely not going anywhere, the longer he can continue the breakup. This is because you haven't moved on. He's still confident he can get you back, which gives him all the security he needs to date other girls.

Basically, you're giving him a license to do what he wants.

Now, when you completely disconnect from social media? Your boyfriend suddenly needs to know where you went. Remember, he's just as addicted to this type of contact as YOU are. It's important to him, especially to his confidence and his ego.

Take these things away and you remove that confidence. Your ex starts wondering where you are, why you haven't updated your Facebook or Instagram. Maybe you've met someone else? Maybe you're hiding something? Or maybe you're just so busy doing other things you simply don't care anymore?

Any way you slice it, he's suddenly interested in you again. You've become a mystery, and one he suddenly needs to solve.

Disconnecting from social media is a temporary thing, by the way. Right now, less is more. But later on, after you've giving him a chance to miss you (and wonder about you)? That's when you'll use your Facebook or Instagram account to actually make your ex jealous.

Some of the best techniques for that can be found here.

In fact, if you're still texting with your ex after the breakup there's a whole system dedicated to how you can win him back through text-messaging alone. Check up on these tactics if you're looking for an extra edge to use before trying the social media disconnect techniques already mentioned.

Stop Making Unwanted Contact With Your Ex Boyfriend

Post-breakup communication is always bad, especially in the early stages. There's a lot of anger and restment, still. There's a lot of blame being thrown around.

Every single time you contact your ex boyfriend, you're telling him the same thing:

"I still love you. I still want you back."

It doesn't matter what you say. You could even call to curse him out, or to demand your stuff back... NONE of that matters. Because right now, he dumped you. That makes you the loser of the breakup, which means all of the power has shifted into your boyfriend's lap.

Contacting him, even 'innocently', only strengthens that power. You're trying to reach out from a position of weakness, and this will always make you seem lame or desperate (see mistake #2). Your ex will see any attempts at communicating with him as a cry for his attention, which will in turn bolster his confidence and strengthen his ego.

So immediately after breaking up? You should also break contact. You should do everything in your power NOT to call him, or text him, or communicate with him through social media. And if he contacts you? Use every ounce of your inner strength to not even answer him.

Later on, there will be ways to re-acquire contact and open those lines of communication again. There are even ways to get your exboyfriend to call you.

But for right now? Stop calling. Stop texting. Stop everything, and in the long run, you'll be much better off than if you hadn't.

Stop Trying to Keep This Broken Relationship Alive
(and instead get the romance of the original relationship back)

Lots of people get back together, only to break up again and again and again. It's a constant cycle of fighting, arguing, and making up that can be not only exhausting, but damaging to your mental and physical health.

Honeymoon Stage of Relationship

You don't just want your boyfriend back. What you want is the original romance the two of you had when you first got together. Everyone remembers the honeymoon phase of their romance, and this is when your relationship was a beautiful, indestructible jewel that brought the both of you nothing but joy and excitement.

So get BACK to that! There are ways you can not only re-live the honeymoon phase in your mind, but actually reignite those original sparks that make things so enjoyable - and unforgettable - for the two of you to begin with.

Your first move is to use your past history together. This is one thing you have that's a distinct advantage over anyone else trying to date your ex. The two of you have shared incredible times together. You've gone great places, done cool things, and shared deep, meaningful moments. All of these things breed nostagia. And nostalgia can be a very powerful tool in your quest to make your ex want you again.

First, think back to when you first met. Scour your memory, and really try to recall all the details about yourself that made your boyfriend so attracted to you.

Some will, of course, be physical. Others though, will be more along the lines of personality traits. Maybe you were more outgoing. Less moody. Maybe you laughed more, especially at your boyfriend's jokes, and this was something that faded over time.

Most people are all smiles and optimism at the beginning of ANY relationship. As the romance wears on though, you get used to each other. You take each other for granted, and you're not as excited by the same things that made you very excited a few short months or years ago.

Now make a list of those things. Figure out which ones you've "lost" as time went on, and those are the ones you want to get back. If you can be happier, feel better, let things 'go' more often than not, and maybe work on your physical appearance a bit as well (i.e. the gym, working out, diet, new clothes, etc...)? You can get BACK to where you were when you first met your boyfriend. Back to where he was when he first fell in love with you.

Once you're done working on that list, read up on this Instant Reconnection Technique, which can subconsciously use the power of your exboyfriend's own mind to win back his heart again in just a very short time.

BreakUp Reversed

This technique is just one of the many unorthodox methods found within Breakup Reversed, the ultimate, step-by-step guide to stopping and reversing ANY breakup.

Relationship guru Robert Parsons shows you how to change your exboyfriend's entire opinion of you, turning him away from wanting to break up and BACK to wanting and needing you as his girlfriend again.

Also within the guide are another 6 major mistakes (there are 12 in all) to avoid while trying to get him back. You'll definitely need to make as few errors as possible, so read up on the rest of these.

Again, EVERY breakup can be fixed. But not forever. There comes a time when your boyfriend loses interest, feelings fade, and someone new comes along.

Before that happens, everything you do is crucial. You don't want to miss any opportunity to make positive changes that could win back the love of your ex.

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