Winning an Ex Back When They're Dating Someone Else

Ever lose an ex boyfriend or girlfriend and still want them back, only to find out they've moved on? Getting back together with your ex is one thing... but winning an ex back when they're dating someone else is a whole different ballgame. Learn the right and wrong ways to get back together when your ex has a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

Exboyfriend Dating Already

Breaking up is certainly something we all go through. If you're the one being dumped, the rejection can hurt for a really long time. But as if that weren't enough, what about when your ex starts seeing someone new?

If you've been trying to win back an exboyfriend or exgirlfriend, can you still compete with their new relationship?

Many factors go into whether or not you'll be successful in reversing any break up. Especially if one of you might actually be in the process of moving on.

Length of time you've been apart is one of them. In actuality, the earlier your ex starts dating again the easier it is to get them back. This is because your ex girlfriend or boyfriend likely got involved in what's known as a rebound relationship: one in which they jumped quickly into without much thought.

How to Break Your Boyfriend Out of His Rebound Relationship

The good news about rebounds is that they don't last very long. Your ex's new romance might fail at the five or six-week mark, a common occurance in these types of situations. As the honeymoon phase of your ex's romance finally wears off, reality sets in. This is where your ex's longing for you will be at it's peak, and it's also the point at which they'll start missing you again.

That being said, this will only occur if you've done the right things. During the interm, you'll need to avoid making the more common mistakes people make when they first find out their ex is dating someone else. Especially these 6 deadly breakup sins that will spoil any chance at reconciliation.

Calling or contacting your ex in a jealous way is going to turn them right off to you. You can't go running back to your ex and try to persuade them not to date this new person, because you'll erode away any respect they may still have for you.

Likewise, you can't just go to pieces either. Shutting yourself up in your house and falling into a deep depression is something that everyone will see - including your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. As soon as your ex begins dating again, they're going to look to you for some sort of reaction. Your best bet? No reaction at all. By showing indifference in the face of your ex's new relationship, you're actually making it a lot easier to get your ex back later on down the line.

What To Do While Your Ex Boyfriend is Seeing Another Girl

During the time period in which your ex is infatuated with his or her new love interest, not much can be done to stop it. This is why it's important that you use this time to make yourself into something to be desired back.

Eventually, you'll reopen the lines of communication with your ex... and when you do, you'll want to knock his or her socks off. To accomplish this you'll need to improve every aspect of your life that you can: mental, physical, and emotional. The more attractive you can become? The more your ex will want you back as soon as his or her rebound relationship starts to fizzle out.

And are there other steps you can take in winning an ex back when they're dating someone else? Absolutely. There are methods and techniques you can use to do everything from establishing secret friendship to creating a neutral trust with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend while they're involved in their new relationship.

In some cases, you can emotionally steal your ex back from this new romance before they even break up with this person. Learning these techniques can help accelerate the process of getting your ex to dump their new relationship.

For a full-blown, totally detailed, 8-step process to stealing your ex boyfriend's heart from another woman? You'll want to check out Stealing Your Ex From Someone Else.

If you still can't do it after following those 8 steps? It simply can't be done!

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