How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Want You Back

Trying everything to get your ex back but nothing seems to work? Feel like your boyfriend is slipping further and further away? STOP! Read this article, and set yourself on the right path to winning back your ex's love and affection.

How to Make Ex Want You

So he dumped you, and your whole world came crashing down. How could he end it so suddenly? Why doesn't he want to work on fixing the relationship? And most important of all: what are the best ways to make your ex boyfriend want you back?

We all know couples who've gotten back together. No matter what their circumstances, these couples all have one thing in common: they missed each other. They got back together because they were thinking about each other, reminiscing about old times, and totally feeling the need to share each other's lives again.

That said, whatever you're doing to get your ex boyfriend back right now? It's not going to work. Not until he misses you at least, and this is why you need to put that first. Getting your ex to miss you should be your number one priority - it comes before your own emotions, feelings, and desperate, driving need to quickly win your boyfriend back.

Have you called your ex to tell him how you feel about him? Seems like a good idea, doesn't it? Well it's not. Because you know what? Your boyfriend already knows how you feel about him. In breaking up with you, he probably feels guilty and awkward that he had to hurt you the way he did. So the more you tell him you love him? The more guilt you're heaping on top of your ex boyfriend's shoulders... and the more you're pushing him away from you without even knowing it.

Social Media and Your Ex Boyfriend

The same thing goes for text-messaging and emailing your ex boyfriend. Repeated attempts to make unwanted contact can be tantamount to stalking. It's just like driving by his house, or work, or school, to see what your ex is doing. Nothing good can come of it. There's no magical combination of words you can say to your ex - at least right now - that will make your boyfriend want you back.

So how do you make him miss you? What can you do to get your ex to need you in his life again?

That's easy: by NOT doing all of the above things. By steering clear of your exboyfriend in the days and weeks following the breakup, you're creating a gigantic void in his life where you used to be. When he looks for you and finds that you're not there? A hole is created... and this gets your ex thinking about you all over again.

Still not sure why this works? Let's examine things from a different perspective:

Imagine you broke up with a guy. Right now you want to time to yourself, and some space to process the breakup. But instead of giving you that breathing room, this guy keeps calling you up. He leaves messages, telling you how much he loves you. He drops you emails, asking for a second chance, telling you things can be different. Your phone is filled with text-messages from him, making lame small-talk and "just saying hello".

Win Back Love

How do you react to this guy? Does it make you want to call him, talk to him, or reconsider your decision to break up? Or does he become an annoyance - someone you want to avoid, simply because there's nothing you really have left to say to him?

Even worse, do you miss him? Not even in the slightest! You can't possibly miss him because he's always around, still trying to get you to take him back.

Now let's consider the opposite scenario: you break up with this guy, but he doesn't call. He doesn't email, and he doesn't write. He disappears completely, leaving you wondering where he went. In fact, the next time you hear about him? Someone tells you they saw him out with his friends; smiling, laughing, and having a great time.

"How come he seems unaffected by the breakup? He didn't even chase me. Is he over me? Was he over me for a while now? Why hasn't he at least tried to fight for the relationship to work out?"

These are the same questions you want your ex boyfriend to be asking himself right now. As he sees you NOT chasing after him and NOT affected by the breakup, these questions are quickly followed up with:

"Maybe I made a mistake... maybe I let go of a good thing?"

This is exactly how to make your ex boyfriend want you back: by distancing yourself quickly and living well. By not acting needy or desperate, and by going on with your life.

The Best Ways to Make Your Ex Need You Again

One of the biggest problems you'll face after the breakup isn't that you didn't do something to stop it... it's that you did all the wrong things. Things that, instead of bringing you closer together again, actually drove your boyfriend away.

In fact, there are 6 Colossal Breakup Mistakes everyone makes when somebody dumps them. Find out how many you might be guilty of, and see if it's not too late to correct them.

Remember, you want your ex to see you as something to be desired. This is why he fell in love with you in the first place. Desperate behavior is a huge turnoff to any guy, because it justifies his decision to leave you behind. But by moving forward unaffected and even happy about your newly single life? Your ex starts worrying that maybe he let go of someone fun, cool, independent and totally desirable.

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