5 Big Signs He Still Loves You - Getting Your Boyfriend Back

So he broke up with you... think that's the end? Do you think your boyfriend waited until the very last second, when he had absolutely no more love for you, before bringing about the end of the relationship?

Does He Still Love Me

Of course he didn't. Which is why it stands to reason that your ex still has feelings for you - strong feelings - even though he's chosen to walk away from your romance. Where there are feelings, there are also signs that he still loves you. Learning to spot these signs can help you decide the type of approach you should be using to get your boyfriend back.

When your boyfriend still has feelings for you, he'll try to hide them. These emotional bonds conflict with his decision to be single again. Your ex can't let you go and still think about you in a loving way, so his next move is to push those feelings aside so he doesn't have to deal with them.

This is why your ex might initially seem cold or distant... he's merely trying to keep up appearances. It's easier to not communicate with you at all than it is to keep in touch when he still feels an attachment to you.

Later on however, as time goes by? Keeping those feelings down becomes harder and harder to do. This makes your boyfriend weak. More susceptible to getting back together.

Every break up you go through has the potential for reconciliation. Even after your boyfriend breaks up with you there are ways of using his residual feelings to draw him back, and give your relationship a second chance.

Below you'll find a list of signs that your boyfriend isn't over you just yet. When he exhibits these behaviors, it's because he inwardly doesn't want to lose you, or the relationship you shared together:

Your Boyfriend Keeps In Contact After The Breakup

One of the better signs he still loves you, staying in touch beyond the end of your relationship is a common scenario. It's almost an indication of possession: your boyfriend doesn't want to break off the contact portion of your relationship because he still feels connected to you.

A guy who calls you after breaking up finally feels comfortable speaking to you again. He's already taken steps toward getting you back, even if he doesn't know it. It's not like your ex needs to talk to you; it's more like he wants to. Whether he realizes it or not, his feelings for you won't let him break off that communication.

Your Ex Wants To Still Be Friends With You

The ex-boyfriend friendship is a total myth: it can't be successfully carried out for any length of time. Look at it as a demotion: you're downgrading a loving relationship to some pseudo-friendship where you both have to pretend to look in the other direction as you live out your post-breakup lives. Being friends with your ex can be bitter, nasty, jealous, and even excruciating at times.

That said, if your ex offers to remain friends it's a very good sign. It means he wants to keep you within his inner circle, mainly so that he can keep tabs on you. Your ex will use friendship as an excuse to pry into your personal life, find out what you're up to, and make sure you're not dating anyone else. At least, not until he's had the opportunity to move on himself.

Your Ex Boyfriend Stops by to See You, or Suddenly Increases Contact

If your exboyfriend is going out of his way to meet up with you, it's a tremendous sign he still loves you. He's not coming by out of friendship, and if he were serious about breaking up he certainly wouldn't be coming by at all. He's actually showing you his hand here, because one thing should be overly obvious: your ex boyfriend misses you.

A sudden change in contact is another signal given off when an ex is interested in you again. It usually means that your boyfriend started thinking of you again in positive ways, or was mentally going over your relationship. It could also mean that whatever your ex broke up with you to do (i.e. date someone else, play the field, etc...) - it didn't work out in his favor. In this case your ex realizes that he's happier with you, and is trying to re-establish a connection again.

He Calls Your At Night, Especially Late

It's easy to get busy during the day; work, school, friends, family - these things can keep your ex from thinking about you while the sun is up. But at night? At night things are different.

Signs Ex Loves Me

When the day winds down, and there's little to do? This is when your boyfriend will be missing you the most. He's usually alone during this time, which means he's alone with his thoughts. He's vulnerable. He susceptible to nostalgia.

And hey, nostalgia is a great thing. It makes your ex think about the good times you had together, and suddenly, he starts wondering where you are. What you're doing. And since you're probably at home in bed, lying there, just like he is? That's when he makes the call.

So yes, when those late night phone calls or text-messages show up from your ex boyfriend, it's a pretty big sign you're still on his mind. This is very similiar to a drunk-dial, because his inhibitions are also lowered.

Your Ex Starts Talking to Your Friends & Family Again

This one usually happens only if you've been dating a while, and that's because your former boyfriend was once pretty involved in your own social circles.

Look at it this way: after the two of you broke up, he didn't much care what your friends and family thought of him. But if he suddenly does again? It's a big signal that he still must care... to the point where he's actually answering to the people who are important to you.

Your family is something your ex will need to deal with when you get back together. So if he broke up with you? There will be explaining to do. Right now, if he's feeling out your friends and family, it's probably because he's doing some preemptive damage control. He's setting the stage for being in your life again, and if you want him back this is a very good thing.

What To Do If Your Ex Hasn't Shown Signs of Wanting You Back

Now if you've been trying to get your exboyfriend back but he's been generally unresponsive, there are still some things you can do. There are methods you can use to reverse the momentum of your break up, and turn your boyfriend's attention back in your direction. Before you use these techniques however, you need to be ready. You need to know exactly what you're going to do, and have a step-by-step plan of attack for winning him back.

The Ex Factor Guide By Brad Browning is an amazing resource for winning your boyfriend back no matter what the current circumstances of your breakup. The system is a series of ebooks, audio, and multiple videos that show you, step by step, exactly what to DO and SAY next.

Ex Factor Guide Package

It doesn't matter who broke up with whom, or how long ago. There are always deep-seeded triggers to emotional responses that will make your boyfriend need you again, the way he did when you first started dating.

Learn what these triggers are, so you can start using them right away. Some of them you can even begin using TODAY, and the results you get will be almost immediate.

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