"I Love You... I'm Just Not In Love With You Anymore..."

This is what happened, right? Everything was going great, you were totally happy, and then all of a sudden your boyfriend pulled the rug right out from under you?

What happened next? Did you beg him not to leave? Cling to him as he walked away?

Did you get angry? Say things you'd later regret? Did your boyfriend start ignoring you afterward, even refusing to talk or communicate with you no matter what you tried?

Want to Know Exactly, Step by Step, How You Can Fix Your Breakup?

What if I told you there was a path - an exact series of moves and events -
that when used correctly, could halt and reverse ANY breakup?

Get ExBoyfriend Back

But First, Remember How it Was
in the Beginning?

Remember how inseperable you and your boyfriend were, when you first started dating?

How fast you fell for each other?

How intense, amazing, and exciting everything was, during those first few magical weeks?

And yet no matter how much you saw each other, the two of you just couldn't get enough?

I want you to stop for a moment and think back to that time. The love. The SEX. The emotional bonds so strong, you were sure they were absolutely unbreakable.

This was the Honeymoon Phase of your romance, and every relationship has one. It's when you and your boyfriend were almost drugged with each other, each of you overwhelmed with the ecstasy of being 100% wanted, needed, and loved.

But do you want the GOOD news?

No matter what happened, your relationship can be like that AGAIN.

The 6 Easy Steps That Will Get Your ExBoyfriend Back

Just as you made your boyfriend fall in love with you the first time, you can replicate the process and do it again. The only difference? The steps you need to take will be somewhat different the second time around.

By recreating the Honeymoon Phase of your past romance, you can elicit the same feelings, wants, and desires your ex had when you first met.

That said, it will take certain reconnection techniques to win your ex's heart again. And during the reconciliation? You'll learn to use your past history as a nostalgic advantage.

In a very short time, your boyfriend will be drawn to you in the same powerful ways he originally was, regardless of how he broke up with you.

"How Can I Tell if he Still Has Feelings For Me?

Even after a relationship ends, certain emotional attachments will live on. These are often buried by your boyfriend, in an effort to move on from you, but there are ways of drawing these feelings back out and forcing him to face them.

Learning the signs he still loves you can give you hope, boost your confidence, and most important of all, show you when to take action.

Certain actions need to be taken immediately after the breakup. Others need to happen only once you start seeing signs that your ex boyfriend misses you.

"What if My ExBoyfriend Isn't Responding to Any Contact?"

This is totally normal after he breaks up with you. And not only that, it's actually even healthy.

Make ExBoyfriend Want You

Right now your ex is avoiding you for several reasons. The biggest one? Because he's not ready to get back together with you... just YET.

A total lack of contact happens during every breakup. It's just another of the more common obstacles to overcome.

And the truth? Avoiding each other is actually required if you want to fix your breakup correctly.

Being apart for a while makes getting back together a lot more possible, and a whole lot easier too.

Keep in mind there's a certain level of non-interaction you NEED to have with you ex, before you can even start the process of getting him back.

So if he's not talking to you right now? Completely ignoring your text messages? Refusing to answer phone calls?

There are ways around these things. Methods and techniques to put yourself back in your boyfriend's head.

Do them right? And he won't even know you did anything. This is where your ex will start thinking about and missing you again.

"Why Won't My Ex Even Sit Down to Talk to Me?"

Too much contact after the breakup is going to drive your boyfriend away. The same goes for contacting him too soon; if you haven't given him a chance to miss you yet, you can't really expect his response to be anything but unfavorable.

So in the beginning? It's likely your ex will be pushing you away.
See if any of these behaviors looks familiar:

  • Your boyfriend seems annoyed with any contact you make with him.
  • Whenever he sees you, your ex acts like he doesn't even know you.
  • Your ex won't take your calls, and doesn't answer your text messages.
  • He's started hanging out with other people he never really saw before.
  • He's said things like "I just need space" or "time to work on myself."
  • He claims he's "too busy to talk" whenever you do get in touch.
  • Told you you'd probably be "better off as friends" than actually dating.

All of these things are signs you're pressing too hard, or too early. But they can alarm you. They can send you into panic mode, where you can feel your exboyfriend slipping away.

This can lead you to commit even more bad behaviors, all of which only drive him even further away. Things go from bad to worse. They seem hopeless.

But luckily there are ways to break the cycle.

"What Are The Best Ways to Get My Ex Boyfriend's Attention?"

One of the first things you'll feel, after your boyfriend breaks up with you, is complete and utter loneliness. That's because losing someone is abrupt. You'll go from talking and texting every day one minute, to absolutely no contact the next.

So what happens? Right away you vie desperately for attention. Starved for any type of communication at all, you're willing to say and do things that, later on, will make it extremely difficult if not impossible to get your boyfriend back.

Even so, there ARE ways of renewing your ex's interest in you. Fast adjustments you can make that will get your boyfriend's attention, and make him see you in all new, positive ways.

"How Can I Get My Ex to Love Me Like He Used To?

While you dated, your boyfriend developed strong emotional bonds and attachments toward you. So when he broke things off? It's easy to assume those attachments just went away.

What really happened though, is that your boyfriend buried his feelings for you. It's the only way he could carry out the breakup; by shoving those emotions temporarily away, so he didn't have to look at them anymore.

To get him back? You'll need to unbury those feelings. There are a variety of emotional hot buttons you can push that will cause your ex to reconsider the breakup. By getting him to face his original feelings for you, you'll create a whole storm of nostalgia and regret.

"What Are The Signs My Ex Boyfriend Still Loves Me?"

Every breakup has residual feelings. Some can be strong. Some can even help get him back.

Signs ExBoyfriend Loves Me

There will always be a number of signs when your ex still has feelings for you. Most of them will be subtle, and unintentional on his part. These are hard to spot, and knowing these signs can give you a big advantage when it comes to timing your reconciliation.

Others however, are green-light signals that your ex wants you to make a move. In these cases he's giving you the go-ahead. He's testing the waters, so to speak, to see if you're serious about giving the relationship another chance.

Fixing your breakup is all about knowing when to take action... and when to hang back. Make a move before your boyfriend is ready, and you'll end up pushing him in the opposite direction. He'll run away rather than listen to you, and if you get too far from his heart you've lost him for good.

What you want is to make the right moves, at the right time. This makes it so that your boyfriend actually listens to you again. It gives you the best possible chances for a positive response.

"My Boyfriend Says We're 'Better off as Friends' - What Now?"

When you want your boyfriend back, friendship is never the answer. That's because staying friends with your ex is only going to sink you deeper and deeper into the ever-widening and inescapable pit of the Friend Zone.

There are a number of techniques you can use when your ex says "let's be friends". Many of them, when done correctly, can actually stop your breakup right in its tracks.

The one thing to remember is this: if your exboyfriend still wants to be friends, it means he still has feelings for you. Which means that the path to getting him back still exists... it's all a matter of finding that path and knowing how to walk it.

"Can I Still Get Him Back If He Has a New Girlfriend?"

Definitely! Rebound relationships are actually pretty common, and your ex boyfriend might find the grass no-so-green on the other side of the fence.

Even so, there are ways to help him out of that new romance and back into your arms. Nostalgia and jealousy are two very powerful tools, and as they say, all's fair in love and war.

Using your past history, there are tricky methods you can use to steal him back from another girl, especially once the honeymoon phase of his new romance has worn off.

"How Can I Get My ExBoyfriend to Make Contact With Me?

It's very common to feel like your boyfriend is slipping away, physically and emotionally, if he suddenly halted all contact with you. But at the same time, severing these lines of communication is a necessary step during the beginning of any breakup.

Eventually, you'll need to reopen those channels. Talking, texting, emailing - during the reconnection phase of getting him back, you'll need to start using these tools once again.

Even better, there are ways of getting him to call YOU. These simple but effective methods will spark your ex's curiousity, and in very little time - and with very little effort on your part - your exboyfriend will begin reaching out to you.

Up until that point, you'll need to go NO CONTACT with your ex boyfriend. Learn exactly why this is crucial to a successful reconciliation, and what you can do to make sure you stick to it.

Learn Step by Step How to Get Your Boyfriend Back!

Fixing a breakup is an entirely teachable skill. Once you know it, inside and out, you can use this skill to repair your damaged relationship and win back the heart of your ex boyfriend.

Steps to Get Back ExBoyfriend

But there's only one rule:

You CANNOT skip any of these steps!

Every one of them is important. Each one builds upon the step before it, causing your ex to want you, miss you, and need you back.

Your very first step is right here. It's an extremely important opening move that sets the stage for the rest of the reconciliation process.

Little by little, you'll learn counter-intuitive methods for making your boyfriend change his mind about breaking up with you.

And in just a few days? You'll notice BIG changes in how he sees you. Even if he wasn't talking to you, and even if you currently have no contact.

You WILL Get Back With Your Ex Boyfriend!

Know it. See it. DO IT.

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