8 Utterly Evil Tricks to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous

JEALOUSY. It's arguably the most powerful emotion in the human spectrum. So why not take advantage of it? After all, all's fair in love and war, right?

The rest of this page might not be for the squeamish, so if you're looking for more traditional ways of fixing a breakup you should probably hit the back button.

That said, if you've tried everything else and are having a hard time getting your ex boyfriend's attention? Well, it might be time for some radical measures. Some of the tricks listed below could be considered shady and manipulative, but you can't argue that they're not effective!

Tricks to Make Ex Jealous

Unfortunately, you'll also say a whole bunch of stuff you'll regret later on. And some of these things? Well, they can totally destroy any chance you might've had of dating him again.

The following is a list of things you should NEVER say to an ex, especially if you're one day looking to be his girlfriend again.

1) Look Wickedly Awesome

Quite honestly, this should go without saying. The better you look, the better you feel, the more confidence you have... all of those things will make you more attractive in the eyes of your ex.

We've all been there. Running into your ex on the street, you always want them to look worse off than when they were with you. This makes you feel like you made a good decision. That in breaking up from them, you made the right call.

But if your ex actually looks better? Well, that sucks. It makes you feel inferior, and worse, totally scrutinized.

Looking your best involves a multi-pronged attack. First, HIT THE GYM. Tone up, slim down, and get your body to a place where people are going to love to look at it. Especially your ex boyfriend!

Besides, all that exercise has an additional benefit: it gets your mind off the breakup. It's a proven, scientific fact that the endorphins released through vigorous exercise drive away depression and put the mind in a happy, positive state. And you'll need your mind in that state in order to re-attract your ex boyfriend.

Next, buy all new clothes. Can't afford them? Work harder! Hey, we're trying to fix your breakup here! Do you want your ex back or not? Of course you do.

By looking good AND feeling good you're setting the stage. You're making yourself totally dateable in ways that your ex hasn't seen yet. This is the first step toward making him jealous.

2) Hit Him Where it Hurts

A lot of the time, when someone breaks up with you, you'll avoid them like the plague. Almost as if you did something wrong, and you're slinking back into the shadows from which you came.

Guess what? That's bullshit. Because not only shouldn't you be hiding from your ex boyfriend, but now that look wickedly awesome? You should be FLAUNTING YOURSELF in front of him to make him as jealous as humanly possible.

So all those places you know your ex is going to be? Stop avoiding them. In fact, dress to kill and then go there - preferably with friends, or even with a guy.

Yes, seeing you with another guy is the single biggest motivating factor for making him want you back? Want to know what the #2 and #3 factors are? You can get them here.

3) Give Him the Smirk and Nod

Eye contact, eye contact eye contact! Don't shy away from it. Use it as a weapon to make your ex uncomfortable, rather than the other way around.

For instance, imagine running into your ex and totally avoiding him. Moving to the other side of the bar or resturant, just so you don't have to see him. Glancing down at the floor rather than catching his eye.

Know what happens the next day? Your ex is laughing about it to his friends. "She wouldn't even look at me," he'll chuckle. "She just ran away."

So rather than go through that, here's what you do. When you do catch your ex boyfriend's eye? All but laugh. Smirk, nod, maybe even raise your glass his way and toast him. After all, you're having fun. You're out having the most kickass time, and best of all, that kickass time is all without HIM.

When an ex sees you having a great time without him, it throws off his game. Suddenly he won't be so sure of things anymore. It looks like you're better off without him, and that you're having even more fun than when you were together. Surely some other guy will catch on and be attracted to you. So if he ultimately wants you back? He'd better not wait forever.

Remember the golden rule: you want to make your ex as uncomfortable as possible. The more security he has, the less reason he'll have for reversing the breakup. This is why you should never sulk, look your best, and always appear to be having fun. Nothing will make him more jealous than YOUR good time.

4) The Enemy of Your Enemy is Your Friend

Confused? Look at it like this: getting your boyfriend back is a war. On the battlefield of this war, he's the enemy.

Your ex boyfriend's enemies? Well, as dirty as it seems, these are now your strongest allies.

Now I'm not saying you should go out and vengefully sleep with the very person your ex boyfriend hates most. That's trashy. Not only that, it'll also come back to bite you in the ass later on, when you're trying to rebuild your relationship and your boyfriend can't get over what you did.

That said, there's nothing wrong with dragging these people out of the shadows. Letting your ex see you with someone he really doesn't like, or even at some place he really wouldn't want you to go, is a very strong way to get his immediate attention. And you'll keep that attention too, as long as you follow rule #2 and make sure you have the best possible time.

Defiance is almost as powerful as jealousy. When you do something like this, you're essentially seizing back some of the control you lost when your boyfriend initally dumped you. You're showing yourself to be independent of him, and strong enough not to give a shit whether or not he cares. After all, if he really did care? He'd still be with you.

5) Steal Your Ex's Thunder

Your ex boyfriend's friends, can be very useful tools. They'll be a source of support, a source of information, and even a way to make him jealous.

So if you got close to your ex's friends during the course of your relationship? There's no reason why you still can't keep in touch with them. Anything you post to Instagram, Facebook, or social media - these things will show up in your ex's friend's feeds. They'll be giving that information to him on a regular basis, so make sure you only put out the best, most positive, awesome-looking updates.

And TALK to them! Message them, write them, ask them how they're doing. Avoid asking directly about your ex boyfriend because you know what? Right now you couldn't care less about your ex. You need these friends to think you're moving on with your life, so they can go back and tell HIM you've moved on with your life. And that will make him jealous.

6) Take Advantage of Social Media

This one, of course, is really sneaky. Because with everyone following everyone these days? Social media is the one place your ex boyfriend will continually check, even after he breaks up with you.

It should go without saying that anything you put on your Facebook or Instagram or Twitter pages will be read by your ex. This means you can use these things as tools to make him interested in you again.

Out someplace totally awesome? Post pictures of it. Out with a group of people? Even better.

And hey, is there a cute guy in that group as well? Make sure there are photos of him too... with one arm draped around you, smiling straight back at your ex boyfriend.

You don't have to be descriptive, by the way. In fact, the more vague you make these posts the better. You want your former boyfriend to wonder. You want him to see these people, and your smiling face, and turn these things over and over in his mind for a while. And the longer he chews on non-information, and stays in the dark about who you might be with? The better.

7) Get Out and Date Other People

Notice I said 'date'. You don't have to sleep with someone to have a good time, but your ex boyfriend doesn't have to know the full extent of your new relationship... only that you've been out with other guys.

Make My Exboyfriend Jealous

So go out. See a movie with someone. Hell, take it a step or two further if you feel the magic. That's up to you, but the worst possible thing you can do after a breakup is let your boyfriend get wind that you've been sitting at home, crying, just waiting for him rather than getting back on the horse.

A lot of women are afraid to take this step because they think the person they're trying to get back together with won't want them anymore. In fact, just the opposite is true. By showing yourself out with other people, you're creating VALUE. You're making yourself desirable in your ex's eyes; you're showing that he might've made a mistake by letting you go, because just like that, somebody else is already interested.

Again, never give up too much information - not to his friends, your friends, or anyone who might get back to him. Your posts on Facebook and Instagram should be just as vague; a photo or two of you and this mystery man, laughing and smiling and preferably somewhere really cool, maybe even someplace your ex boyfriend might've always wanted to take you (or you discussed together) but never got around to it.

Want to twist the knife even further? Go somewhere your ex did take you. A lot. Suddenly your special place is tarnished by the memory of you and someone else, and this will stoke the fires of jealousy even more.

8) Post a Picture of You Kissing Someone

This one is cruel. It's also the likeliest one to get INSTANT attention, as your ex might immediately comment or text you when he sees this.

If you're gonna post a pic of you kissing a guy, make it a good kiss. It shouldn't look forced or posed or anything done strictly for your ex's benefit. Don't caption it with anything that might be a jab at your ex either; if you do that, he'll see your vindictiveness as you still being hung up over the end of the relationship.

Believe me when I say this: NO guy wants to see his ex kissing someone else. Especially this soon after the breakup. And yes, even if he was the one who ended things with you, watching you in the arms of another man forces him to make that one really big decision: "Am I ready to let her get away? Or do I need to do something right now, before it's too late?"

Other Ways to Make Your Ex Want You Back

When it comes to fixing an unwanted breakup, jealousy is only one of tools in the toolbox. You should use it judiciously, and at exactly the right times, because that's when it will be most effective: in moderation.

Now if you're still having trouble getting your ex to call or text you back, there's a few more other tricks you can try. As with anything else in life, the more you know about something, the better your chances for success.

Check out these reversal techniques designed to direct your ex's attention back on YOU, regardless of how much contact you've had since the breakup. Some of them even work subconsciously, without your ex even knowing that you're doing them!

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